The Nest Residence is Featured in the New Edition of MEEB

The 13th edition of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings (AKA “MEEB”) has just been published by Wiley. Chapter 1 on Design Process prominently features the Iowa Nest Residence as an exemplar of high-performance design — incorporating much of the material that has been discussed in detail on this blog.

Many thanks to authors Walter Grondzik and Alison Kwok for choosing to feature this project in their venerated publication.

For the un-initiated, MEEB (as it is affectionately known) is required reading in most architectural schools. Not only does it have it own acronym, it has also inspired various architecture-in-jokes, like this amazing video. I remember poring over the case studies in this book as a student, so being included in its pages is truly an honor.

We intend to keep this website operational as a supplementary resource to MEEB, and will continue to document the operational performance data we’re gathering, and any new lessons we learn. And we’re delighted to get questions, comments, and feedback — that’s how we all get better at this together.

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