Webinar: Design Strategies for a Cost-Effective Passive House

The Iowa Nest was featured in the Phius webinar “Design Strategies for a Cost-Effective Passive House,” presented by Sanyog Rathod and Carl Sterner of Sol design + consulting. The webinar can be viewed free online here: https://www.phius.org/design-strategies-cost-effective-passive-house

The cost-effective strategies discussed in the presentation include:

  • Early analysis, in order to determine what’s driving energy use, and adjust the design accordingly while it is still cost-effective to do so.
  • Compact building form and simplicity of construction, including identifying wall and roof assemblies early in order to create simple, clean, high-performance details.
  • Efficient interior layout, to minimize interior fitout costs, and simplify plumbing and ductwork — which saves energy while reducing cost.
  • Productive windows and shading: if used carefully, glass can be an energy benefit rather than a liability, but care must be taken to avoid summertime overheating.
  • Collaboration with local builders to identify cost-effective assemblies and materials. The most cost-effective assemblies can vary based upon material availability and builder expertise.
  • Simple HVAC systems, likewise based on local availability and expertise.
  • Judicious use of interior finishes, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, which can account for nearly 30% of the cost of a typical home.

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