Baseline Energy Use: Running a House on $10 a Month

Over the past three years of operation, the home’s baseline energy use has remained remarkably consistent — and remarkably low. The typical baseline energy use for the entire home is a mere 400W — less than many refrigerators. This includes all equipment that is always running: the Energy Recovery Ventilator, refrigerator, radon fan, and Internet equipment.

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Assessing Performance After Three Years of Operation

As of August 2022, we have been monitoring energy use at the Iowa Nest Residence for three years post-occupancy. How is the home doing? How does it compare with our predictions and energy models? What lessons can we learn to apply to future ultra-low-energy designs? This post reviews the data and shares some observations and lessons learned.

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A House That Maintains Its Own Temperature

We’ve added temperature and humidity sensors to the house in three locations, so we can start to track the home’s actual measured performance. While these sensors will be most useful once the house is complete, the data that’s coming back now is already interesting, and is already showing the effectiveness of the passive design measures.

For those interested, you can track the live data here:

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